Lamoille Community

Food Share

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit group of volunteers dedicated to providing food security for our friends and neighbors in and around Lamoille County, Vermont.  We have a pantry located at 197 Harrel Street in Morrisville, next door to the Community College of Vermont.  Here families can come and receive basic food and other grocery items to help stretch their food dollar.

LCFS responds to COVID-19

Our pantry is open for our regular hours (Monday-Friday 9-11:30, Saturday 9:30-11). We are streamlining our process. We are not doing any  paperwork. You are welcome to pick up for friends and neighbors. We will put out food for one family at a time. If you are picking up for more than one family, let us know and we will put out another load. Cars will be directed to pull up parallel to the building as seen in the photo.  

Let's work to keep everyone safe!

Please Note: We have cancelled the June 13 Green Bag Day. Stay tuned forwhat will happen in August.

Here is what will be out on the tables. We ask people to take everything on the table to the left. That will be a box of non-perishables, milk, eggs, bread, meat and veggies as shown below.

On the table to the right are bags of dog food, cat food, feminine hygeine products and paper masks. People are welcome to take what they need from this table. If we have other "extras" such as vegetable plants, we will put them here.

We thank everyone who has sent donations and good wishes. We have a wonderful community! Check out the Connections page for a look at some of the creative ways people are helping.

We supply our pantry through monetary and food donations.  We use our funds to purchase food through the Vermont Foodbank and at various retail outlets where we can get the best price. We purchase milk and eggs from Mansfield Dairy. Thanks to Act 148, the Universal Recycling Law, we receive bakery, deli, meat, produce and dairy products from Hannaford on a daily basis.This partnership offers a variety of foods to our clients while keeping excess out of the landfill. Many of our neighbors grow extra veggies just for us.  

Kevin Carter is our Program Manager, Susan Rousselle is our Program Coordinator and Adam Desrochers is our Assistant Manager.

Where We Are

Our pantry is located at 197 Harrel Street in Morrisville, Vermont. We are in the same building as The Community College of Vermont.

We are supported by our community. We reach out with newsletters, direct appeals, facebook and newspaper articles. We receive donations from our six core towns (Eden, Elmore, Hyde Park, Morristown, Stowe and Wolcott). We participate in special events throughout the year. We also apply for grants that might be right for us.

Click below to take a virtual walk through our pantry. The tour was updated in April 2019 to highlight the changes we have made.

"Creating Sustainable Communities" is a class at People's Academy looking at the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability in our community. One of the students, Aidan Lodge, was studying the relationship between food insecurity and food waste. He created the video above about Lamoille Community Food Share.

The Green Bag Project (formerly known as Lamoille Neighborhood Food Project) was started in the Fall of 2013. This is a donor driven program which collects food  for us throughout the year.