Lamoille Community

Food Share

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people do you serve in a year?

In 2019 we served 1202 families. That represents 3898 people- 1526 children, 2161 adults (18-64) plus 211 seniors. We served an average of 389 families (1283 people) per month.

Where do your clients come from ?

Our six target towns are Eden, Elmore, Hyde Park, Morristown, Stowe and Wolcott. 77% of our families came from these towns in 2019, accounting for 87% of family visits. In 2019 we saw clients from twenty-two other towns. We never send people away empty handed but we try to steer them to food shelves closer to where they live.

How often do families come in?

We ask that families visit no more often than once a month. In 2019, 59% of our families visited the pantry three times or less. Only 9% visited ten or more times during the year. Most of our families just need a little help.

Where do you get your food?

About one quarter of our food comes to us through donations, the rest is purchased. Our managers and volunteers spend time shopping for the best price. Most of the time we purchase from various retail outlets around town. We are most grateful to the managers and employees of all those stores for their help with our large orders.

We started a new program in October 2013. The Green Bag Project is designed to encourage community members to become regular donors.

What is the difference between the Vermont Foodbank and Lamoille Community Food Share?

The Vermont Foodbank is essentially a warehouse organization serving all of Vermont. LCFS is one of about 270 “network partners” who pay a fee to access the Foodbank. We receive donated product from them and also have access to a shopping list from which we can purchase food. The Foodbank administers TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) which is a federal program which provides us with some food once per month.

Which is better- donating cash or food?

The short answer is both are much appreciated! Donations often include brands or products we don’t buy such as personal items, pet foods and name brands. Our clients enjoy food donations as they offer more variety. Monetary donations allow us to shop for the best price on the basics and to pay for milk and eggs.

What about Pet food?

Many of our clients own pets and sometimes struggle to feed them. We have set aside money earned on rewards programs at local markets to purchase some pet foods. We often receive donations from Lamoille Valley Veterinary Services, Sequist Animal Hospital, and NCAL. We have several individuals who regularly donate pet food and some designate their monetary donations to be used to purchase pet food. We, and our clients, are grateful!