Changes At LCFS

It is with great pleasure that Lamoille Community Food Share (LCFS) announces the hiring of Tess Milner to serve as our Executive Director, a newly created position that has become necessary as our friends and neighbors are increasingly facing food insecurity. Our volunteer-powered nonprofit organization will benefit from the guidance and expertise of Ms. Milner, who will be drawing from her extensive and successful work at a variety of nonprofit, service-based organizations in Lamoille County.

The vital work of Susan Rousselle, LCFS Community Outreach Coordinator, will be folded into the Executive Director’s roles and responsibilities, along with numerous tasks our volunteer board has been handling for years. Ms. Rousselle will be retiring from LCFS at the end of the year in order to spend more time with her growing family.

Tess Milner- our new Executive Director.

Adriana Noyes- our new Operations Manager.

New Board member Maggie Cleary.

My name is Maggie Cleary, and I am excited to be the newest board member of LCFS. I am the outreach librarian at Morristown Centennial Library, which puts me in daily contact with so many members of our community- seniors, kids, adults of all walks of life, food share patrons and donors. This job is a daily reminder of what we all know- a community functions best when we connect and when we take care of each other. In my home life, I am passionate about growing, preserving, and preparing food for my family and friends, and I am always reminded of how fortunate I am to have the time, space and resources to do so. I have also waited tables in Lamoille County for more than two decades, and I see the ways in which food can be celebratory and bring people together, but also the vast amounts of waste and the social exclusion built into our systems of consuming food. On the food share board, I look forward to combining my passions for community engagement and food to help work through the complex issues that affect food security. What appeals to me most about the food share as an organization is that it is so very hands on, that the results are so very tangible, and that the reach into our community is so very broad. Like the library where I work, everyone is welcome at the food share, no questions asked. So far, I have just been enjoying getting into the food share once a week to help our amazing staff get food to people who need it, when they need it, with as few barriers as possible. This is really important daily work. Moving forward, I would love to continue to explore how the food share can partner with different organizations and parts of our community so that food can be more than just a commodity, so that food as celebration and food that brings people together is available to everybody in our community. I think if, as a community, we can keep in mind that we are only as strong as our weakest links, we can do a lot to strengthen the systems that sustain us all.

Additionally, with the upcoming retirement of our long-term and beloved Operations Manager, Kevin Carter, we are pleased to announce the recent hiring of Adriana Noyes to serve as our new Operations Manager. Ms. Noyes is passionate about helping feed others in her community and brings to LCFS her commitment to our mission to help support and improve the well-being of individuals who might otherwise go hungry, as well as her strong work ethic and engaging personality. Ms. Noyes will join our Assistant Operations Manager, Adam Desrochers, in managing the challenges of our day-to-day operations, ensuring the smooth and consistent sourcing and flow of goods and services to the clients of LCFS.

Please help us welcome Tess and Adriana – both Lamoille County residents, eager to serve their community - to the LCFS team.