Fresh Food

We try very hard to provide our clients with fresh food. Handling and storage of fresh food can be a problem. We receive fresh produce through Salvation Farms, a local gleaning operation, the Vermont Foodbank, area retailers and many of our neighbors.

We recently received a grant from the Vermont Foodbank for new shelving and containers for fresh produce. Now our clients can get a good view of what we have to offer.

Act 148, Hannaford and LCFS

In 2012, the Vermont legislature passed  Act 148, also known as the Universal Recycling Law. The first part of this law went into effect July 2015. Markets are required to recycle as much of their waste as possible- the first priority being to feed people. Hannaford in Morrisville has partnered with LCFS to do just that. We receive bakery and deli products from Hannaford's.

LCFS has purchased a van to help with transportation. We also purchased a new refrigerator for storage. Our most recent purchase is a U-boat to help move this food around the pantry.

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